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Old 12-13-2012, 12:16 AM
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Default Once upon a time..... or the story of a printer

Once upon a time there was a printer. It was nice if not great printer, and it tried to please its owner by putting forth photos in rich colors and deep shadows and all the while being miserly about its life blood, the ink.

The printer chugged on, year and after year and photo after photo, until one day the owner decided that he had to have a new, fancier printer and the old printer was posted on a camera club website as "free to good home". The printer was sad, and felt that it was destined to go to the scrap heap, but it was rescued by a new owner, who loved the printer and wanted it to be happy.

The new owner had a factory technician come and adjust the settings, put in a new print head, and adjust everything so that the photos were as bright and detailed as the day the printer was made. The owner was happy, the printer was happy, the technician was happy and photos came forth.

Year after year the printer struggled to keep up with the demands of the new owner, even though the printer was now becoming a senior citizen. Photo after photo, some good, some better and some not so good, but the owner never complained.

Then one day, the printer stopped and an error code was displayed. It was a strange code that the new owner did not find in the manual, so the new owner called the factory, and was informed that parts were needed to fix the printer, but the factory no longer made the parts for the printer, as it was too old and the factory didn't care. So for want of $20 in parts,, the printer would work no more. The printer was not happy, the new owner was not happy, the new owners wife was very unhappy, for she knew what was coming next.

Friends of the new owner came and took the printer and put into the new owner's car, and the new owner took the printer to a metal recycling plant, and there said a tearful goodbye. You were a good printer and I will miss you said the new owner. You gave me three years of good prints, many of which won awards and many more of which were sold by the galleries used by the new owner.

And, now, the new owner awaits the arrival of his new printer..... with a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye, he is already planning the print jobs that must be done when the printer arrives.

..... TO BE CONTINUED......
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