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Old 02-12-2015, 05:11 AM
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Talking 1st Ever Photo Contest - all welcom

We are holding our first ever photo contest in the LowCountry Region. All CNPA members are welcome to enter, and you don't have to be present to win (spoiler alert: we cheat, so miss the meeting at your own risk).

Here are the rules:


Contest date: April 20,2015, 7:00 PM, all photos must be received by 7pm on April 18 to be accepted.

This competition is DIGITAL only, no prints (if you are still shooting film, scan in your print, edit it and send us the image. You will win an extra .25 point for your tenacity in standing up to the digital bullies.)

Send your photos as an email attachment, not in the body of the email. If you are using a MAC, suck it up and learn to send attachments like the rest of us! Each photo should have a title. Your name must appear somewhere in the EMAIL so we know who submitted the photos. BUT NOT ON THE PHOTOS OR IN THE TITLE! This is anonymous voting and if we know who your are, it ain’t anonymous now is it?

Photos should be .jpg, 72 dpi. We aren’t printing and 72 works fine for our projector, and it takes up less space on my computer. If you can’t figure out how to do that, just send me the photo and I will resize it before I save it to the file. But, you will owe me big time!

Send to: I created this email address just for this contest, so don’t send an email to this site if you want an answer.

The categories are:

Photo 1: Weather (sunny days, rainy days, snowy days, windy days, hot days, cold days, in between days, and also nights, and weekends, and, we wouldn’t suggest you do this photo indoors, unless of course it is raining, snowing, etc., inside. But you might be able to…. )

Photo 2: Outside the day (before Sunrise, after Sunset) Doesn’t have to be dark, just before or after the sunrise/sunset.

Photo 3: Vegetation (yes, that means vegetation and not vegetarian, or maybe it does? Up to you, I guess)

Photo 4: Little critters (yes, I know that little and big are relative terms, but you aren’t getting more of an explanation from here. Use your own definition, this is member voting and if they don’t agree with you, you won’t do well)

Photo 5: Big critters (A beagle is a small animal next to a Camel, but next to a butterfly it is pretty big, helpful? If you don’t think so, then make up your own rule.)

Photo 6: Landscape (probably the one category that everyone understands and can’t screw up, but then y’all have proven me wrong before!)

Photo 7: My favorite color is: (no, not MY favorite color, your favorite color, you, the photographer!)

Photo 8: Birds of a feather, or not: (did I say it had to be about birds?)

Photo 9: Time and Tide wait for no one: (with a humble bow to Geoffrey Chaucer, I made it politically correct. If you don’t know the meaning of the phrase, do a Google or Bing search, because “tide” doesn’t necessarily mean “tide”… unless you want it to!)

Photo 10. Winter of my discontent
(no, I don’t know what it means either, I made up the title using a well-worn literary phrase, you have to figure out what it means in this context. Go on, experiment, have fun with it)

Remember, we are a Nature Photography Association and your photos should reflect this. There is no hard and fact rule regarding the “Hand of Man”, nor any limit on the use of editing tools, except you may not ADD anything to your photo, such as an animal, plant, insect, etc., unless you label the photo “Multi-Image”

There are 10 photos, which will be judged on Originality (5 points), Composition (5 points) Technical Quality (5 points) and Overall Impact of the photo (5 points). Each photo will have a maximum of 20 points. The scores for each photo will be averaged to obtain a final score for that photo.

Each photographer will have a maximum of 200 points. Scores will be totaled for each photographer and the highest score of the evening will determine the Grand Prize Winner. There will be awards for the best entry in each category and, of course, for the Grand Prize Winner. We have spared no expense in selecting the awards. We have spent hundreds of pesos and minutes of time searching everywhere for them. (Thanks to the wonderful people at the resale shops and the town dump for helping us with this.)

Only Members of CNPA, from any Region, may enter a photo. Everyone present, including guests, will be allowed to vote.
Winners need not be present, but since we have been known to cheat, it would be in your best interest to be here. NOTE: We are going to talk about you if you aren’t here!

And, just to make it really tough, and more interesting, your photos must have been taken in 2015.
Wes Grady
Email to:
843-564-3644 (H)
843-338-5243 (C)

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